Manolo Blahnik blue satin pump still wedding shoe of choice 3 years after “Sex in the City”

Whether or not you saw the movie, you’ve probably seen the now famous blue Manolo Blahnik  satin pumps Carrie wears to marry her long-time love, Big. The proper title for the shoe is the Hangisi, but over the past few years, it has been appropriately dubbed the “Something Blue” pump, for its role as the shoe of choice to accompany Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding gown.

While the Sex and the City movie introduced the Hangisi/ Something Blue pump to the masses, the phenomena wouldn’t be nearly as far-reaching as it’s become if this wasn’t a very special shoe. Here’s why the classic pump, and specifically this blue Manolo, will be the perfect wedding shoe for nearly every bride for years to come:

  • Pumps are timeless and will never go out of style. In fact, some version of the pump has been in fashion fairly consistently since their introduction in 1904, then cemented into western culture with the debut of my all-time favorite–the stiletto, of course–in 1955. The first (and still the best!) stiletto was designed in–you guessed it–Italy; where else?
  • The Hangisi pump is cut in a gorgeous silhouette which is at the same time sexy and very elegant. Exuding elegance with a hint of sexy is desirable by many a bride, but is difficult to pull-off without the perfect balance of the two.

  • This shoe compliments–and even elevates–almost any style bridal dress, from simple unadorned sheaths to grand ballgowns and cathedral veils.

Now let’s examine how this bejeweled beauty stepped its way into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere and earned a place in pop-culture history. Wait–Spoiler alert! Yes, I know the film is almost three years old, but if you never got around to seeing it, why would I want to ruin a perfectly good DVD night for you?

The shoes were not just another fabulous item from the Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe, they played a significant role in the movie. So significant they could have been listed in the closing credits. Originally, Carrie buys them to wear with a simple, secondhand ivory suit she picks up at a vintage shop. The suit is not a designer label or even a name brand, and is nicknamed “the dress by no one”. The only fancy part about her wedding outfit is an elegant pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps in cobalt blue satin, the vamp embellished with a square-ish vintage-looking crystal buckle.

From that moment, the shoes take on a life of their own, beautifully marking each stage of the story:

  • First, Carrie places them poignantly on a shelf, as if to plant a flag symbolizing the claim to ownership of the then empty apartment Big buys for the two of them.
  • For the formal wedding, Carrie wears them with her Vivienne Weswtood bridal gown. After a disappointing turn of events, she dashes to her limo; the last thing  you see are the shoes, under a layer of taffeta, disappearing into the car.

  • Next, the shoes are forgotten on the shelf in the apartment, which is sold after Carrie and Big’s breakup. Carrie remembers she left them there and frantically hurries to the apartment before the sale closes at 6:00PM.

  • Then, Big and Carrie run into each other at the apartment, both of them heading back to get the shoes before 6:00PM. This of course, is where they reconcile–Manolo Blahnik saves the day!
  • And finally, Carrie wears them as they were originally intended–to wed the love of her life in a civil service, wearing the dress by “no one”. Which serves to validate what I’ve always said:

The only two things you can’t live without are love and good shoes.


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1 Response to Manolo Blahnik blue satin pump still wedding shoe of choice 3 years after “Sex in the City”

  1. Shirley E. Zago says:

    I am a Canadian designer and I redesign vintage jewelry to create one of a kind pieces of art. I specialize in weddings as I love working with colors and I love complementing wedding parties with unique jewelry just as bridesmaid dresses are all in the same color but different styles, I do the same with jewelry.

    I was requested by a designer, originally from Barcelona who asked if I could create something different as she had many destination weddings. I literally felt led to the places and materials to create the ‘Ceremonial/Jeweled Beach Sandal’. It is foot jewelry that adorns the side of the foot and are fabulous for beach weddings. I realized later that they could be worn with heels as well and very attractive as they silhouette a high pump. Very stunning. I create many kinds from casual to elegant.

    As I am preparing to sell my home I carry some of my jewelry in the Old Strathcona Antique Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. My website does not do justice to them with the images that I have now but will soon have new images of them on an actual foot and also with heels. I have a photo of a wedding party that I created jewelry for on facebook.

    I would love to share what I have created and perhaps collaborate with such icons as yourself.

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